January 9, 2012 0Comment
How often do you hear of an Atheist being persecuted? I have never heard of Atheists being being discriminated against or publicly mocked and humiliated. Yet why do they do they persecute those of faith? Why do they fight against Christmas? Truthfully I pity them, what gives them hope in life? People of faith have the hope of God's love for his children and the afterlife with him. If you do not believe then what purpose does your life have? To what end do you work? What becomes of you when your life is over? A life without God is a lonely life, is that proof that God exists? No it is not, but it is reason enough to to seek him, to open your heart to him and if you are sincere in your desire he will reveal himself to you. I wasn't always a believer, in fact I considered myself an atheist at one point in my life. When I realized that I was missing something and opened my heart, God revealed himself to me. He didn't part the red sea before my eyes, but he showed me in ways that only I would see. He left me with the certainty of His existence and the knowledge that He truly cares for me in spite of my failings. So to the Atheist I say, I am not interested in converting you, in fact I can't, only God can convert someone. Do you persecute us because you are jealous of what we have? What do you hope to gain by trying to convert people yourself? How does my faith, or celebration of Christmas hurt you? You scorn me, I pity you. Not because I think I am better than you, but because I was given a gift that you do not have.