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By Kelsey Harkness | Food & Wellness Editor, June 12, 2012
Let me put it bluntly: One slice of this cake is only 189 calories. Let me repeat ... 189 calories! (And, by replacing the peanut butter with peanut flour, it's only 133 calories!)
  I know, it sounds impossible ... a frozen cake loaded with peanut butter, cream cheese, graham crackers, chocolate, whipped cream AND Reese's? It SHOULD take weeks to burn off one bite! However, this recipe was created by Katie Farrell of Dashing Dish, an expert in finding "healthy alternatives to the foods you crave." (But to say we only “crave” a bite of this pie is a huge understatement.) Luckily for us, by replacing the fatty ingredients with healthier, low-cal substitutes, Katie was able to whip up a dieter's dream. Go ahead and grab a spoon ... there's no guilt in this one.
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The 189-Calorie Cake

Cooking Method:
Cook Time:
15 minutes
Total Time:
4-6 hours
10 slices
  • 1 pre-made Oreo pie crust OR reduced-fat graham cracker pie crust
  • 1/2 cup creamy OR crunchy peanut butter (you may replace the peanut butter with peanut flour which will shave each slice down to 133 calories)
  • 1 cup sweetener of choice (or 10-12 packets of Stevia, or to taste)
  • 1/2 cup skim milk (or milk of choice)
  • One 8-ounce package fat-free cream cheese
  • One 8-ounce container Light Cool Whip
  • 3 tablespoons Light Hershey's Syrup
  • Optional Toppings: Reese's Ice Cream toppers, Reese's Minature candies (crushed), 100-calorie Nutter Butter cookies (crushed), Reddi Whip
  1. Spray a circular, 8×8 springform pie pan with non-stick cooking spray. Remove Oreo crust from pan and re-form it in the bottom of your springform pan, pressing it down with your hands. (You could skip this step and leave it in the original pie pan, but Katie's method makes a taller cake).
  2. In a large bowl, mix peanut butter, sweetener, milk and cream cheese until smooth (Katie recommends a KitchenAid mixer, but you could do this part by hand). Fold in Cool Whip until well blended.
  3. Pour mixture over pie crust and drizzle with chocolate syrup. Chill for at least 4-6 hours (or overnight). Let sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes (to soften) and add topping of choice before serving.
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