February 15, 2012 Ralph Smith 0Comment
Terry Goodkind the Author of the Sword of Truth Book Series was kind enough to post his spice soup recipe for his fans. This book series is the inspiration for The Legend of The Seeker television series. The series was canceled after just 2 seasons, but it's numerous fans are actively working to bring the show back. The have multiple fan websites, facebook pages, online petitions, letter writing campaigns and much more. Unfortunately this show fell victim to an all too common network mistake, a changing time slot and lack of promotion. Seeker fans hope that by gaining attention and demonstrating their commitment, they can encourage the networks and producer to bring the show back. The hundreds of thousands of fans still dedicated to this cause are sharing their love for the show with more and more people around the world. With both seasons available on Netflix and Hulu seeker fans are sharing the show with more people everyday. Everyone I have shared the show with, from my 10 year old son, to my 75 year old in-laws and many more, have all  loved it hanging on every frame. So join the quest and enjoy one of the best shows I have seen on television, and do it on a full stomach with some delicious Spice Soup. For a larger view click on the picture or use the link below. Enjoy!!! Spice Soup Recipe   http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101030030044/seekercon/images/3/31/Spice_soup_card.jpg