December 9, 2015 Ralph Smith 0Comment

precious pit bull crop.jpg
Pitbull Precious guards owner injured in house fire. (Mark Brady, Prince George's County Fire Department)
A pitbull who loyally stood guard over her unconscious owner after a house fire in Maryland two days ago has been kicked out of the county. Prince George’s County animal control officers say the dog, named Precious, and her puppy shouldn’t have been living in the house because the county has a pitbull ban on its books. The officers confiscated the dogs after Wednesday’s overnight fire. But now the dogs have gotten a new leash on life. The pooches were turned over to the owner’s sister who lives in another county where pitbulls aren't banned. The Washington Post reports that a spokesman for the county fire department snapped a photo of Precious and her injured owner. The photo shows the dog loyally hovering over the woman after she barely escaped the fire and collapsed in her neighbor’s front yard. Firefighters revived the woman after scaring away Precious with a fire extinguisher, the newspaper reported. The woman is expected to recover.
Flames burned her 65-year-old legally blind father’s face, WUSA-TV reported. He is also expected to recover. The station spoke to the sister who took custody of Precious and the puppy. “I’m so thankful for her protecting my sister and I’m glad they survived,” she said. “We’re animal people.”
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