July 13, 2015 Ralph Smith 0Comment
As the warmer seasons bring more sunshine into your home, it’s an ideal time to think about sprucing up your kitchen. Being the heart of the home, you’ll want to make it welcoming and there’s no better style of décor to enhance a cozy kitchen than the classic country look. Here are a few ideas for a rustic kitchen makeover:   Walls, ceilings and floors   Keeping your ceiling, walls and floor neutral means you can use your items of furniture and decorations to add color and character to your kitchen. Where stone floors and exposed brickwork are already in place you’re off to a good start in terms of getting the country look, while wooden floorboards and plain white walls also form a perfect backdrop.   Some people like to add exposed beams, often with distressed wood for effect, as a way of adding character to their kitchen ceiling. There are also plenty of other ways to decorate the ceiling if you wish. For example, you can arrange a display of shiny copper pans or rustic baskets hanging from an overhead bar, as long as your ceiling is high enough. If yours is a dining kitchen, try hanging an antique traditional chandelier, wooden or metal perhaps, with candleholders installed, above your table.   Doors and windows   If your kitchen leads into a garden, there’s nothing quite as nice as full-length glazed French windows to let in the light and give you a beautiful view of the greenery while you cook. If you’re worried about security or privacy you can always install luxury shutters that can be made to exactly fit your window and door openings and come in a wide range of colors and styles, including café style and tier on tier – allowing you to open the upper and lower halves independently of each other. Although some designers favor floral patterns for curtains and blinds, these can be a little overpowering in a kitchen space and don’t have the same traditionally elegant appeal as classic wooden shutters.   Cupboards and countertops   Unless you’re hankering after a completely new kitchen, there’s no need to rip out existing cupboards and countertops. You can upgrade existing doors if you wish. Depending on what they are made from, you can change door handles, paint them a different color or even replace the doors and drawer fronts with something that feels a little more rustic, in a pale wood or perhaps a color to match your shutters.   Furniture   Once again, wooden furniture is the hallmark of the country kitchen and can be reflected in dressers, tables, chairs and stools. Cushions and table linens in bright colors will lift the tone – try a perky gingham tablecloth and gingham cushions in contrasting colors, for example. Your finishing touches can be to decorate your countertops with bowls of fruit or eggs, pretty plants in rustic pots and the sort of wall artwork that you like to have around you.   Your country kitchen needs only a few small touches to create a sense of tradition and character. This is a project that’s easy to achieve, whether you’re on a budget or adding a touch of luxury.