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Investing in Companies You Use Can Pay Off

Written By  Published February 04, 2012 FOXBusiness

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    MASTERCARD I... +8.75

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The market keeps on plugging away, doesn’t it? But, was last week’s move all that positive?  It certainly had its warts (i.e. average volume and a bare-minimum breakout). On the other hand, let’s not over-analyze things: a new high is certainly a bullish, not bearish sign. This week, more of my favorites, with these two stocks I use almost every single day. That alone always makes me love them, especially if they drop a bit! The first is MasterCard (MA: 390.32, +8.75, +2.29%). Think to yourself: between trips to the market, gas station, and online transactions, don’t you pretty much use your credit card seven days a week? I know I do. The other stock I love is Comcast (CMCSA: 27.15, +0.46, +1.72%), because the older I get, the more of a homebody I become. And if you’re housebound, cable television is pretty much THE entertainment source. I hate the outrageous cable bills…but I still pay ‘me. That’s it for this week. Let’s hope the market can continue its crawl north!
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