January 22, 2012 0Comment
One night I was browsing Netflix and in my top 10 recommendations was The Legend of the Seeker. I read the summary and thought it might be interesting, beside I had work to do and if nothing else it would be background noise. Well right from the opening frame, the music, the majestic mountains, the two women racing on horse back I was intrigued. Then the one woman (Dennee) calls out to the other (Kahlan) and she lowers herself towards the horse and in slow motion an arrow narrowly misses the top of her head. Most shows would have had them both escape but no, Dennee gets shot with an arrow. Kahlan now forced to leave her dying sister ventures on to find the Seeker. At this point I stopped working to enjoy the, great acting (not the cheesy fair we sometimes get) great writing (not a bunch of tired cliches), convincing effects, beautiful scenery, and first rate directing. After Kahlan finds the Wizard and the Seeker, fast forward to the end of the first episode, The Seeker (Richard) failed by letting the bad guy get away with an important book needed to defeat the evil ruler. He proves to be a¬†fallible hero someone we can believe is real, not some stereotype superman in a world without kryptonite. Fast forward again to the end of the second episode, Kahlan, Richard, and the Wizard (Zed), have now formed a bond we would expect. Kahlan and Richard show the signs of chemistry despite her reluctance and Zed's warning to Richard. With Zed¬†unconscious Richard and Kahlan rush to retrieve the book. In the ensuing battle Richard embraces his destiny and defeats their enemies while saving Kahlan from certain death. As Richard turns towards Kahlan having killed the last soldier and reaches to help her up, her look of awe, surprise, gratitude and affection left me completely hooked. From that night on I watched two, three even four episodes a night until I finished. How they developed the characters and their relationships, keeping us always wanting more yet not toying with us, was satisfying and honest. The writers didn't play with our emotions instead they used circumstance to create the challenges and suspense for our trio. I can't recommend this series enough and encourage anyone and everyone to watch it and take up our cause to bring the show back for seasons 3 - 5.