January 21, 2012 Ralph Smith 0Comment
With the crazy winter we have had this year I have had numerous people ask me for my French Onion Soup Recipe. The fact is it is easy to make and if you do it the old fashioned way you won't be disappointed. Ingredients; 3 - 4 large onions 16 - 20 cup of salted beef stock or bullion 2 table spoons of Worcestershire sauce 6 ounces of cooking sherry Olive oil Shredded Swiss Cheese or Provolone are my favorites French Bread Chop the onions to the size you like and put them into a non-stick stock pot large enough to hold all of the ingredients. Put just enough olive oil in the pot to keep the onions from sticking then saute them on medium heat until they are dark brown. This is the most important step. The darker you brown them the better it will make your soup flavor. Once the onions are well caramelized add the stock, Worcestershire sauce and wine, bring to a boil. Once boiling simmer with the pot lid slightly ajar for an hour or two so the flavors get completely blended and the onions are nice and soft. Put a serving of soup in an oven safe crock, bowl or cup, place a thick piece of French bread into the soup and cover with the shredded cheese. Place in the broiler to melt the cheese, then serve. A full bowl is a meal all to itself and will warm you nicely on a cold day. Enjoy.