February 20, 2012 0Comment
Craig Parker is delightfully evil as Darken Rahl in the Legend of the seeker. From early in the series when Darken Rahl kills one of his Generals while thanking him for his years of service with a smile on his face. Craig shows us that this character has no remorse and his evil has no limits. I don't know if I can say one way or the other whether Darken Rahl or Lord Voldemort is more evil. Yet Craig gives us a performance that that is spellbinding, when it easily could have become cliche. Where Lord Voldemort abandoned his charm as his power grew, Darken Rahl embraces it, and Craig Parker's portrayal is so convincing that when people tremble before him you understand why. Not to be overlooked was Craig's entertaining performance as Walter a Darken Rahl look a like. Walter the¬†antithesis of Darken Rahl was part of a 2 episode sub plot that could have come off gimmicky, but time and again this Cast proves they can take us places that other lessor actors and actresses would fail to deliver. The Legend of The Seeker series has captured the hearts of so many fans, not only because of the gripping writing of Terry Gookind, but because of the magnificent performances in the television series. Director Sam Rami and producer Ken Biller brought together a fantastic cast and crew bringing this series to life so effectively it leaves us wanting more after every frame. If you haven't seen the Legend of The Seeker you can watch it on Netflix and Hulu, both seasons are available for streaming.   If you would like to learn more about Crag Parker check out these websites.   http://www.legendoftheseeker-plus.com/character-view.php?id=3 http://www.craig-parker.net/stagescreen/seeker.php http://www.facebook.com/Craig.Parker70 [gallery]