February 15, 2012 0Comment
Craig Horner is the perfect fit for the role of Richard Cypher in the Legend of the Seeker Series. He delivers the kind of performance that makes his character truly come alive. As you watch the series he deftly takes his character from the innocent wood cutter to the seasoned warrior all the while endearing the character to its audience. There is never any doubt whether or not Richard Cypher will do the right thing, but there is no hint of insincerity in his performance. From the moment he first meets Kahlan, to his torture by Denna, and his decision not to claim the throne of Dhara, Craig gives Richard just the right amount of emotion. When Richard escapes the grip of Perdition you are thrilled, but not surprised, because Craig has shown us that Richard will not fail. It is these types of fantastic performance by the cast of The Legend of The Seeker that has it's fans so desperately wanting more. Ken Biller and Sam Rami brought to life Terry Goodkind's books in a way that is so very satisfying that anyone who watches the show is compelled to watch on. The fans of the show are working tirelessly to share the experience with as many people as possible and their ranks are swelling. They are also working diligently to bring attention to their cause in an effort to bring the show back for more seasons. If you haven't yet watched The Legend of The Seeker you can find both seasons available on Netflix and Hulu. I assure you after the first two episodes you will find it hard to stop. For more about Craig Horner check out   http://craig-horner.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Horner   [gallery]