February 6, 2012 0Comment
There is a narrative out there that conservatives don't care about the environment. Well that is simply not true. We all want clean water, blue skies, and a beautiful countryside. The difference is the view of how we manage our resources. If you look around the world which nations are the dirtiest? Poorer nations struggling to survive can't afford, or won't, spend the money to prevent pollution. You also have countries like India and China who have such huge populations to feed that worries about polluting the the environment are overlooked to maintain stability. A full belly is less likely to rebel. This is a short sighted view, yes, but how can we change that? The answer is prosperity. The more prosperous we are the more we can afford to pay for the extra technologies and infrastructure to keep our world clean. The US has vast resources, yet we restrict the use of them. We fight a pipeline from Canada in lieu of sending oil tankers across the ocean, using more fuel and increasing the risk of a spill. Everyone thinks Green Renewable energy is a good thing, however, we do not have any viable alternatives yet. The only way we will find those sources is through expensive research and development. The only way we can afford that research is if we are prosperous. So the conservative view is that we need to be good stewards of the gifts we have been given. We need to use the resources we have to be prosperous so we can share that prosperity. Then we can afford to uncover alternatives that can better protect our environment and lift other countries up. If you cannot take care of yourself then you cannot help others. In spite of the mistakes we have made, overall the US has been a force for good in this world like no other country in history. If we do not strengthen ourselves within then we will lose our ability to help those in need. It is far past time that we all come together and exert common sense to come up with solutions that secure our future.