December 14, 2017 Editor 0Comment
One of the most popular shopping days of the year falls on Black Friday in November. Despite the fact that usually, people are able to get goods a lot cheaper than they usually would, they end up spending a lot more money! For one weekend a year, shops, both online and in store, slash their prices dramatically, with many also abolishing shipping charges for those few days to encourage sales.
The trouble is, Black Friday tends to lead to shoppers behaving particularly badly. Every year there are new cases of injuries and even deaths occurring because people have got trampled or were fighting to get a good deal. Over the past few years, shoppers have been known to use pepper spray, have fist fights, ransacked stores, have fistfights and even shootings, all because they want the best deal. shows us there have been 10 deaths and 105 injuries linked with Black Friday, a number that continues to grow as the hype grows.
So, what causes these consumers to behave so badly? Such dramatic sales create a dramatic retail environment. The demand for these items usually exceeds the supply which in turn has been known to cause aggressive consumer behaviour. Sleep deprivation can also play a big part in this unusual behaviour, as often the sales will begin extremely early or late at night. It has been known for some eager shoppers to set up camp outside a store all night in order to have first entry into a store when the doors open. Lack of sleep can lead to some very poor decision making. Large crowds can also have a negative effect on individual, with this factor alone having the potential to cause aggressive and anti-social behaviour! So although Black Friday gives the shopper a lot of great deals, and shops a lot of great sales, it is always best to watch out for that angry shopper!
If this sounds crazy, wait until you check all stats from this infographic!