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By FOX News Magazine, July 22, 2013
After what seems like an eternity of ABV (alcohol by volume) one-upmanship, brewers are starting to offer fantastically well-crafted beers on the lower end of the alcohol scale.
  Maybe for people who don’t want to have to call a cab after just one pint, maybe as a way to focus on more delicate flavors that might be overwhelmed by the alcohol, or maybe because some of us want to try several beer while avoiding becoming a cautionary tale. READ: 11 Strange Beers You'll Actually Want to Try As summer creeps up on us, and worries of beer-snobbery-judgment over the selection in our Beer Party Tub offerings start to invade our weekends, here are some craft beers that can keep you up to your witty ways while still enjoying a few pints: What's great about having a beer with a lower alcohol volume besides savoring a thirst quenching, crisp taste? You can use it to make this mouthwatering flank steak that's paired with a creamy avocado cilantro sauce. Hearty, rich, and always satisfying, this dinner dish will become a new favorite this season, all thanks to that brew!
To see the recipe by The Beeroness, click here.
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