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By Michael Bartiromo, February 12, 2014
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Most men would be lying if they said they hadn't fallen for a fictional leading lady from a popular film. And that's perfectly acceptable, so long as the fictional lady is, at the very least, a human.
  READ: The 15 Best Movie Boyfriends in Film History Heck, many filmmakers are actively trying to make us fall for their female characters, especially in action movies or romantic comedies. It helps us understand everybody's motivations and attractions, and it also leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling long after we've left the theater. READ: Who's Miranda Kerr's 'Girl Crush'? As Valentine's Day fast approaches, we thought it might be fun to look back at all the big-screen ladies who made us swoon. The human ones, that is. And, ok, maybe like two non-humans and one supernatural computer woman: Sloane Peterson, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Sloane is one of the few people Ferris trusts with his web of lies and con-jobs, and it's easy to see why. She's just as laid-back and quick-witted as he is, making her the perfect partner in crime.
  Cassandra Wong, "Wayne's World" Besides being the bass-playing frontwoman for Aurora rock band Crucial Taunt, Cassandra is a major fox. As a matter of fact, if she were a president, she would be Babe-raham Lincoln. Shwing!
  PHOTOS: Anne Hathaway’s Style Evolution: From Blah To Babe Frances "Baby" Houseman, "Dirty Dancing" Whenever Johnny's character comes into question, Baby always has his back. And isn't that what every great girlfriend should do?
  Rachel Jansen, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Peter isn't nearly smooth enough to make a good impression with hotel desk clerk Rachel. Luckily, she can see past his awful first, second, and third impressions.
  READ: The 7 Worst Things You Can Do After a Breakup Trish Piedmont, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" Trish doesn't have a problem with Andy's action figure collection, or his penchant for cheesy magic, or his bicycle, or the fact that he's still a virgin. Plus, she holds the rare distinction of being a future "gilf."
  Vesper Lynd, "Casino Royale" Bond has had several dozen love interests over the years, but Vesper is (arguably) the only one he cares about longer than a single film. It's probably because she genuinely cares for him too, judging by the way she saves his life twice.
  READ: Daniel Craig’s Romantic Words for Wife Rachel Weisz Stifler's Mom, "American Pie" Stifler's mom has more class than all the girls in Finch's grade. We could watch the two of them go back and forth with double entendres for days.
  Adrian Pennino, "Rocky" Initially quite shy, Adrian eventually warms up to her brother's meat-head boxer friend, and even supports his dreams of having his face mashed into a bloody pulp.
  READ: In the FOXlight: Schwarzenegger and Stallone Talk 'Escape Plan' Mona Lisa Vito, "My Cousin Vinny" Vinny must know his fiancee is too good for him. By the end of the movie, she's responsible for winning his trial and keeping him out of jail for fraud. She also knows how to earn a nice chunk of change hustlin' pool. Always a plus.
  Dionne, "Clueless" Every boy at Beverly Hills High School (save for Christian) probably has a thing for Dionne. In addition to her killer command of Valley-girl slang and admirable fashion sense, she and her boyfriend Murray display a truly enviable relationship.
  READ: Cult TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon Céline, "Before Sunset" We could think of a worse vacation than wandering around Vienna with Céline, who proves to be just as impulsive as Jesse hopes when the two first cross paths on a Paris-bound train.
  Samantha, "Her" Romancing a phone's operating system is fraught with problems, as Theodore Twombly slowly learns. But Samantha is just as charming as anybody who actually appears on screen.
  PHOTOS: Scarlett Johansson's Memorable Red-Carpet Looks Bonnie, "Bonnie and Clyde" Just because they're an immoral couple doesn't mean they aren't a good one. Bonnie proves to be the perfect — albeit dangerous — match for Clyde. She looks pretty great in Technicolor, too.
  Fiona, "Shrek" Fiona has more in common with Shrek than she lets on, and she soon endears herself to the titular ogre without really trying. (And also by belching. She endears herself to Shrek by belching.)
  READ: 10 Actors Originally Cast in Iconic Roles (Including the Original Voice of 'Shrek') Lisa, "Weird Science" OK, so Lisa may not actually count because two pervy teens had to makeher with their pervy-teen technology, but she still managed to help break those pervy teens out of their shells and give them a boost of confidence.
  Honorable mention: Betty Jo (aka "female Garth"), "Wayne's World 2"; Joanna, "Office Space"; Bill & Ted's bodacious princesses, "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"; Lt. Uhura, "Star Trek"; Natalie Portman's characters, "Garden State," "Your Highness," and a handful of other Natalie Portman movies; Liz, "Shaun of the Dead," Princess Ann, "Roman Holiday."